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Graphic Print Women's Plus Size Swimdress in Black/Pink/Navy Blue/Purple - Summer Beach Bathing Suit

Graphic Print Women's Plus Size Swimdress in Black/Pink/Navy Blue/Purple - Summer Beach Bathing Suit

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Women's Swimwear Swimdresses Plus Size Swimsuit Printing Graphic Black Pink Navy Blue Purple Bathing Suits Sports Beach

  • Special Size: Plus Size
  • Bra Style: Padded Bras
  • Swimwear Category: Swimdresses
  • Design: Printing
  • Pattern: Graphic
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Style: Summer, Beach Wear
  • Special Size: Plus Size
  • Print Type: 3D Print
  • Occasion: Swimming, Vacation
  • Elasticity: Stretchy
  • Bra Style: Padded Bras
  • Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
  • Function: Swimming, Stretchy, Quick Dry
  • Support Type: Wireless

This Women's Swimwear Swimdresses Plus Size Swimsuit in a stunning combination of Black, Pink, Navy Blue, and Purple is the perfect choice for your beach outings. With a focus on comfort and style, this swimwear offers stretchy elasticity and padded bras for added support. Whether you're swimming or on vacation, the quick-dry function ensures convenience. The 3D print design with a graphic pattern adds a trendy touch to your look. Available in various sizes to fit your measurements perfectly. Elevate your beach style with this chic and functional swimdress!

Size Chart:
Inches: Size S: Hips 97.5, Waist 72, Bust 90 | Size M: Hips 102.5, Waist 77, Bust 95 | Size L: Hips 110.5, Waist 85, Bust 102.5 | Size XL: Hips 119, Waist 94, Bust 111.5 | Size 2XL: Hips 124.5, Waist 99, Bust 117

Selling Points 1. Special Size: Plus Size 2. Bra Style: Padded Bras Specifications Swimwear Category: Swimdresses, Design: Printing, Pattern: Graphic, Fabric: Polyester, Style: Summer, Beach Wear, Special Size: Plus Size, Normal, Print Type: 3D Print, Occasion: Swimming, Vacation, Elasticity: Stretchy, Bra Style: Padded Bras, Sleeve Length: Sleeveless, Function: Swimming, Stretchy, Quick Dry, Support Type: Wireless, Photos Size Chart Inches Centimeters Size Hips Waist Bust S 97.5 72 90 M 102.5 77 95 L 110.5 85 102.5 XL 119 94 111.5 2XL 124.5 99 117

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