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Wedge Heel Women's Plus Size Sneakers for Casual Outdoor Activities

Wedge Heel Women's Plus Size Sneakers for Casual Outdoor Activities

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Women's Sneakers Plus Size Height Increasing Shoes Wedge Sneakers Outdoor Daily Wedge Heel Round Toe Basic Casual

  • Versatile and Stylish: These women's sneakers are perfect for daily use, long-term standing work, casual outings, and various activities like walking, shopping, travel, and driving.
  • Comfort at an Affordable Price: Enjoy the combination of comfort and quality offered by these shoes without breaking the bank.
  • Stylish Wedge Heel: The wedge heel design adds a touch of style to your overall look.
  • Specifications:
    • Gender: Women's
    • Category: Sneakers
    • Style: Casual, Basic
    • Occasion: Outdoor, Daily
    • Activity: Walking Shoes
    • Toe Shape: Round Toe
    • Heel Height: 1-2 inches
    • Pattern: Solid Colored
    • Season: Fall, Spring
    • 2023 Trends: Wedge Sneakers, Height Increasing Shoes, Plus Size
    • Closure Type: Zipper, Magic Tape
    • Heel Type: Wedge Heel
    • Available Sizes (Foot Length in cm):
      • US5.5 / EU36 / UK3.5 / CN35: 22.5
      • US6 / EU36 / UK4 / CN36: 23
      • ...
      • US10.5 / EU42 / UK8.5 / CN43: 26.5
  • How to Measure: Follow the provided instructions for measuring your foot length accurately to select the right size.

Highlights - These shoes are versatile and perfect for various activities such as daily use, long-term standing work, walking, casual outings, shopping, travel and driving.- Enjoy comfortable footwear with great quality at an affordable price.- The wedge heel offers a stylish touch to your look. Specifications Gender: Women's, Category: Sneakers, Style: Casual, Basic, Occasion: Outdoor, Daily, Activity: Walking Shoes, Toe Shape: Round Toe, Heel Height(inch): 1-2, Pattern: Solid Colored, Season: Fall, Spring, Foot Length (cm): US5.5 / EU36 / UK3.5 / CN35:22.5;US6 / EU36 / UK4 / CN36:23;US6.5-7 / EU37 / UK4.5-5 / CN37:23.5;US7.5 / EU38 / UK5.5 / CN38:24;US8 / EU39 / UK6 / CN39:24.5;US8.5 / EU39 / UK6.5 / CN40:25;US9 / EU40 / UK7 / CN41:25.5;US9.5-10 / EU41 / UK7.5-8 / CN42:26;US10.5 / EU42 / UK8.5 / CN43:26.5, 2023 Trends: Wedge Sneakers, Height Increasing Shoes, Plus Size, Closure Type: Zipper, Magic Tape, Heel Type: Wedge Heel, Photos Size Chart Provided by Supplier. Inches Centimeters Size Foot Length US5.5 / EU36 / UK3.5 / CN35 22.5 US6 / EU36 / UK4 / CN36 23 US6.5-7 / EU37 / UK4.5-5 / CN37 23.5 US7.5 / EU38 / UK5.5 / CN38 24 US8 / EU39 / UK6 / CN39 24.5 US8.5 / EU39 / UK6.5 / CN40 25 US9 / EU40 / UK7 / CN41 25.5 US9.5-10 / EU41 / UK7.5-8 / CN42 26 US10.5 / EU42 / UK8.5 / CN43 26.5 How to Measure Introductions: When Measuring your feet please remember to wear the socks/hosiery you would normally wear for this type of footwear.Step1:Prepare a blank paperStep2:Place your foot on the blank paperStep3:Mark the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toeStep4:Measure the length with a ruler and find out the size at below chart Note: Please read How-to-Measure section very carefully before using our size chart. According to the foot length to chose your shoes.In addition, note that the size chart may vary from product to product with different size chart IDs.

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