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Elegant Cold Shoulder Mermaid Evening Gown with Bead Detail

Elegant Cold Shoulder Mermaid Evening Gown with Bead Detail

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Elegant Wholesale Off Shoulder Simple Mermaid Evening Dress

Are you searching for a stunning evening dress that will captivate your customers and leave them feeling elegant and chic? Look no further than this exquisite off-shoulder mermaid dress!

Key Features:

  • Chic cold shoulder design with long flare sleeves for a sophisticated look
  • Elegant fishtail silhouette with a stylish split design
  • Flattering bead decoration on the waistline adds a touch of glamour
  • Closure: Concealed zipper up the back for a seamless finish
  • Undergarments: Padded with lining for comfort and support
  • Fabric: Made of high-quality polyester for a luxurious feel
  • Stretch: Low stretch fabric ensures a perfect fit

Ensure your customers feel like royalty at any evening event with this sophisticated and chic mermaid dress. Refer to the size chart for the perfect fit and watch as this dress becomes a staple in their wardrobe for all special occasions.

Want to purchase a dress for your customers that will make them happy? If yes, then here is the right one. This evening dress features cold shoulders and long flare sleeves. The silhouette is fishtail, and it also has a split design. The bead decoration on the waistline also looks really flattering.

Fit: Please refer to Size Chart.

Closure: It is Concealed a Zipper Up The Back.

Undergarments: It is Padded, with Lining.

Fabric: The garment comprises Polyester.

Stretch: Fabric is Low Stretch.

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