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Retro 3D Printed Men's Graphic Tee with Crew Neck and Short Sleeves - Summer Style Fashion Statement for Comfortable Daily Wear

Retro 3D Printed Men's Graphic Tee with Crew Neck and Short Sleeves - Summer Style Fashion Statement for Comfortable Daily Wear

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Men's 3D Printed Retro Graphic Tee

  • 3D Printed Tee: Experience a mesmerizing all-over 3D vertigo digital print using dye-sublimation technology for vibrant designs.
  • High Quality: Crafted from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during activities.
  • Outfit & Occasions: Versatile tee suitable for daily wear, parties, beach outings, and sports activities, effortlessly paired with shorts or jeans.
  • Washing Instructions: Maintain integrity by cold machine washing or gentle hand washing, tumble dry on low heat, avoid bleach.
  • Season: Perfect for the summer season, ensuring style and comfort in hot weather.
  • Sleeve Length: Trendy short sleeves for a casual and stylish look.
  • Gender: Tailored for men's specific style and fit preferences.
  • Style: Designer tee combining fashion and functionality.
  • Fit Type: Regular fit for a comfortable and flattering silhouette.


Product Selling Points:
1. „Äê3D Printed Tee„Äë: This crew neck tee features short sleeves and utilizes an all-over 3D vertigo digital print. The print is created using dye-sublimation technology, ensuring an incredibly vibrant and lifelike design.
2. „ÄêHigh Quality„Äë: Made from breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking fabric, this tee keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your training sessions.
3. „ÄêOutfit & Occasions„Äë: Versatile enough for daily wear, this tee is also perfect for parties, beach outings, and sports activities. It effortlessly pairs with your favorite summer shorts or denim jeans. Additionally, women can also wear it if the size fits.
4. „ÄêWashing Instructions„Äë: To maintain the tee's integrity, it is recommended to machine wash in cold water and hand wash is also suggested. Tumble dry on low heat and avoid using bleach.
5. Season: Designed for the summer season, this tee ensures you stay stylish and comfortable during hot weather.
6. Sleeve Length: With short sleeves, this tee offers a trendy and casual look.
7. Gender: Designed for men, this tee is tailored to their specific style and fit preferences.
8. Style: The tee showcases a designer style, combining fashion and functionality.
9. Fit Type: With a regular fit, this tee provides a comfortable and flattering silhouette for the wearer.

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