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Skull Graphic Men's Hoodie with Textured Pattern and Hooded Neckline

Skull Graphic Men's Hoodie with Textured Pattern and Hooded Neckline

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Men's Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt Pullover Black Hooded Skull Letter Graphic Prints Lace up Print Casual Daily Sports 3D Print Basic Streetwear Fall

  • Specifically designed for men: This pullover hoodie sweatshirt is tailored to meet the needs and style preferences of men.
  • Textured pattern: The garment features a textured pattern that adds a unique visual appeal and dimension to your look.
  • Print design: Incorporating a striking print design, this hoodie stands out with its stylish and distinctive graphic prints.
  • Hooded neckline: Stay cozy and protected from the elements with the hooded neckline that provides extra coverage.


- Gender: Specifically designed for men
- Pattern: Features a textured pattern that adds visual interest and depth to the garment
- Design: The garment incorporates a print design for added style and uniqueness
- Neckline: Comes with a hooded neckline, providing additional coverage and protection from the elements

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